Welcome to Dandelion Blessings!

Welcome to Dandelion Blessings! Some of you may be asking yourself why the name “Dandelion Blessings?” So many times in our lives we face hardships and weeds sprout up at the most inconvenient times. But when we stop to look at what we are to learn from these moments and how we are to go through these hardships we discover in the end that these moments ARE truly blessings.

As a coach and parent I am frequently reminded of the value of “real” dandelions. Words can’t describe a bouncing, bright-eyed, smiling child running towards you with a dandelion bouquet in their hands. As their small hands reach up to yours it is apparent that their heart is swelling with the utmost pride in the gift that they discovered at their tiny feet and have now given to you. To them it is not about whether they are giving you a dozen red roses or a beautiful pot of tulips. It is about their moment of discovery in something they believe is beautiful. We all were children once…when did we stop believing dandelions were beautiful. More importantly, why?

My hope is to use this blog to share my dandelion blessings with all you. May I have the eyes of a child to see all I am supposed see on my journey and always find moments to stop and be thankful for the dandelions.

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